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Canada wide acknowledgment of Ayurveda as Medical System

Pluralism in healthcare and patient choice is fast becoming the norm in all societies globally including Canada and USA. Ayurveda has been recognized as a traditional holistic medicine system by the World Health Organization (WHO). Patient today therefore have a free and wider choice of therapies and can decide for Ayurveda: a natural diagnostic and therapeutic and health promoting and disease preventing system for the improvement of health and well-being of the individual. By encouraging the growth of patient choice and pluralism in healthcare and promotion of healthcare via safe and effective health promoting and disease preventing  systems of medicine like Ayurveda and Yoga and other ancient systems the well-being of the individual, populations and Society is enabled. Thus by offering safer and wider choice of health systems in North American countries better health outcomes are possible and in turn, Health budgets are relieved.

Recognition of educational standards of Ayurveda professions

Clear guidelines for Ayurveda health care professions ensure high-quality training and vocational qualifications. These training guidelines are recognized by medical associations, associations for non-medical practitioners, other health organizations (e.g. Physiotherapists, masseurs) and government health services.

Public engagement for launch of Ayurveda in Canada

The WOHA is proactive in the spreading and recognition of Ayurveda as a traditional holistic medical system in Canada and USA. We conduct public relations and tack a stand when issues are discussed around Ayurveda in the media.

We support the concerns of patients to be able to freely choose an Ayurveda transmission and methods of therapy. Via the organization, promotion or participation, we support conferences and events that deal with all aspects of Ayurveda and inform experts as general public about it. Thus, the WOHA promotes the exchange of knowledge and understanding of various Ayurveda Schools, specialists and other organizations with similar goals.

WOHA representatives monitor political developments in the context of health care systems at national and provincial levels. Emphasis is place on the traditional therapies that are recognized by the World Health Organization. Relevant political or legal Information are specifically distributed to our members.

Expansion of Ayurveda training programs and promotion of scientific research

The WOHA participates in the development and testing of training programs and the accreditation of training facilities curricula. We are committed to ensuring that the developed guidelines for the training of Ayurveda doctors and therapists are recognized by doctors or medical practitioner-associations, other health organizations and public-health authorities and integrated into laws when necessary. We place special emphasis on conformity to traditional knowledge and consideration of the different traditions.

Moreover, the WOHA promotes the integration of Ayurveda knowledge in curricula of academic and non-academic health professions in public and private. The WHOA also promotes scientific research at universities and science-oriented research institutions in all Ayurveda areas in order to provide a thorough understanding and practice of Ayurveda principles in the modern world.

Promotion of the quality level of Ayurveda Products

The WOHA is developing quality standards for Ayurveda products in order to ensure the safety of patients and to promote the application of Ayurveda products. This concerns in particular the creation of guidelines with regard to the purity of ingredients, the production and storage and packaging of Ayurveda products.

At the national and Canada supervisory authorities, the WOHA is committed to ensuring that these policies are recognized.