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Become a Member

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If you want to promote the dissemination and recognition of Ayurveda in Canada and USA, the World Organization of Herbal Ayurveda is pleased about your membership or sponsorship.

*All fees are non-refundable

Member Registration

Members of the WOHA can be:

  1. Legal persons/entities under public law
  2. Legal persons/entities under private law, companies, association and research.
  3. Legal organizations and institutions established in Canada and USA in the field of education, study, practice and promotion of Ayurveda such as
    1. associations for non-medical practitioner’s health practitioners/health practitioners
    2. Associations of Ayurveda therapists or others
    3. Ayurveda health professional associations
    4. Health care associations and institutions
    5. Patient associations
    6. Teaching institutions and associations of teaching institutes
    7. Associations of enterprises, particularly when they are associations of suppliers of Ayurveda, herbal or complementary medicine products and/or services
    8. Other associations and bodies from the public health service area or supply of Ayurveda products

To become a member you must have minimum five years of experience certificate in Herbal Ayurveda issued by BAMS or by Village Head (Sarpanch)